How to Explode Your Online Profits With A Proper Sales Funnel


Using a sales fan is one of the most powerful ways to increase profits in your online business.

A sales fan is basically a series of events that take place after initially engage your customer. Once you are a potential customer to get a kind of landing page and some of them are opt-in, giving you their name and e-mail address, the process starts.

The purpose of a sale is to take advantage of two fundamental truths about marketing;

People who have been bought from you again, especially when they are buying from you Satisfied customers come back again and when people are “in the shopping mood” they often buy other things clickfunnels pricing.

It takes way more time, money and effort to get a new customer
There are some slightly different steps that you can take when you are building your funnel but the basic steps are the same.

You get a way to get people to your web page which is either a landing (squeeze) page or a sales page of some kind. You have to give them the quality, usually a free gift and return.

You are now the ability to follow an autoresponder. This is a series of useful e-mails containing great content, tips and advice.

You put solid offers in place with the way, either right after the opt-in, in your series of follow-ups or both. Also in the offers themselves, when people buy or opt not to, they are presented with whats called a One Time Offer (OTO). This is presented as “one time only” so it has both urgency and turbulence.

Depending on whether people buy or not are they funneled to different follow-up email lists. Those that purchase are then “upsold” or offered more in high-end products and services in future e-mails.

Those who opt in to your list but do not buy are funneled to another list where you may email them valuable content and free gifts for say 5 to 7 emails and then present another offer after them making them more comfortable, interested and trusting

All throughout the sales funnel, you are adding value and advice and continuing to offer higher value higher priced offers and other complimentary affiliate products and relevant add products.

Examples of high value offers could include video courses, audio courses, memberships and endless coaching seminars.

As we all know, the biggest challenge is convincing people Once they opt in to listen to you, it only makes sense that you will be a well organized sales fannel and their needs forever to serve.

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